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Their Journeys Continue!

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                                                                                  Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To all our dear friends and loved ones,

All in all, when we Skype with Kris every evening, I see more determination again in her eyes, a greater desire to talk and try new things to make that happen, and she is just beautiful when she flashes that smile and such renewed confidence and drive. 

George's son, John (so precious to me after 36 years of marriage), will go to the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA tomorrow (Thursday) to be admitted once again.  A port will be implanted and the first of the newly formulated chemo compound will be administered beginning at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, and continued every 8 hours for seven days.  He will go home for two weeks, then be re-admitted for another seven-day chemo session, then more scans and testing.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but John has had good days since his surgery, especially being able to do things with George and spending some quality time together.  It seems to have helped John and there’s a lot of hope this new chemo will do the trick.  I praise God we were able to come to PA this year after all.  We will keep you posted and your prayers, as always, are greatly appreciated. 

As it stands now, we plan to stay here in Pennsylvania until the first part of November.  We have consented to do three gospel concerts and a few smaller venue programs while we’re here. Email me for updates: cakl45@comcast.net   When the cold weather really hits or when it snows, whichever comes first, we promised Kris we would spend Christmas in Texas with her this year.  Our prayer is that John will be responding beautifully to the chemo by that time.  We will head for Florida and home shortly after January 1st and, hopefully, I will do more writing!  It’s all in His hands. 

Your love and your prayers keep us going, and God’s faithfulness surrounds us with His peace.  For what more could we ask?

And He said unto me "My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Blessings and love,

Carol and George



 Wednesday, October 9, 2013
To all our dear friends, family and
         prayer warriors everywhere!

What a month it has been since our last update went out.  Prayers are being answered but more prayers are needed still, so please don’t give up yet.  We go one day at a time; one prayer answered, yet one more uttered.  God is in charge!

For George’s son John, he entered the immense Hershey Medical Center’s Cancer Wing on 9/12 for his first round of chemo – IL2.  No one really knew what to expect, so we tried expecting the worst and hoped for the best.  Out of 14 infusions, John was able to withstand nine, and we were all extremely proud of him for that.  The majority of the people only get that far, we were told, and many don’t do that well.  Once the infusions were stopped, however, he was kept an extra two days so that he could simply “withdraw” from all of it and get his kidneys working better.  As a severe reaction to the chemo, he experienced a capillary burn (somewhat like a sunburn over his entire body, but from the inside out), and he started to peel from head to toe.

He went home for two weeks to recuperate then returned for the next round.  Bless his heart, we have no idea how he has done all he has, but God is surely walking him through all of this.  He must be. 

We’re praying hard for John for whatever comes next, and we praise God for the traveling mercies that allowed us to be here with him these two months.  What a couple of real troopers we have for children: Kris and John!  We are so blessed with such great kids and grandkids, his and mine, who know God, and who care so much for one another.   Your prayers are deeply appreciated for both Kris and for John in the weeks and months ahead!

Blessings always,

Carol and George

























The photos below are (top to bottom): Memorial Day Sunday, 2016; Mother's Day Sunday, 2016; Father's Day Sunday, 2016

                                        “Once we choose hope, anything is possible!”  -- Christopher Reeve 






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